4 comments on “Peter Brötzmann, Brighton, 13/01/2013 – Review

    • Thanking you Shaun for your kindness. Yes, relaxed and cheeky… The free jazz must have freed up my mind a bit 🙂 Hoping to do a lot more of this typing stuff, for fun more than for the mixed and dishevelled bag of reasons I was putting finger to keyboard before. Also doing the radio unicorn stuff at the moment and starting some electronic music composition again. Keeping busy. Looking forward to shaaring it with the world (which has blatantly got nothing better to do now Blockbuster and HMV have done gone imploded…) By the way, I’ve been reading your stories on http://www.nostaalgiaforinfinity.com and am impressed. Still got part 3 of Entropy In The Clockwork City to read.

      • Well, your blog is still on my RSS so I’l read whatever you write on here! Glad you’re keeping busy. We need to hang out for a few pints sometime soon really. It annoys me that I’ve kind of drifted away from you and everyone else in the ‘Gosport crew’ over the last half a year.

        Glad you’re enjoying my stories! I think you may be the only person reading them. 😉

      • I’m sure I’m not 🙂 Yeah, pints are good!! Gosportians hibernate.

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